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Watching porn is fun but sex in real life is better. These articles will make you better at it, explore sexuality and sexual health. Discussing things like how to make a girl horny and if the pull-out method is effective.

How to suck your own dick?

How to suck your own dick?

How to suck your own dick? It’s hard. Very hard. You’re looking down at your one-eyed soldier standing stiffly at attention in whatever frame of mind and level of sobriety you may be, and a single thought starts to creep into your mind about whether you could actually suck your …

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How to cum faster image

How to cum faster

How to cum faster? Most men want to know how to last longer! But as there is premature ejaculation, there is also delayed ejaculation, which means that some men take a long time to cum or find it hard to cum at all, to the point of detriment to their …

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How to stop being ugly and become an attractive man

How to become more attractive

I recently did a podcast about how to become more attractive with British pornstar Lenina Crowne. Lenina and I both felt pretty damn ugly when we were younger and did something about it. So to complement the podcast I’m going to explain exactly how to become an attractive man. The …

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