A hot day with Jimena Lago leaves me totally drained

I met up with Jimena Lago for a day in Prague. I booked a nice hotel room, packed my camera and then spent the day making these amazing homemade porn videos with this hot Spanish teen.

Jimena Lago is one of my favourite pornstars to have sex with. This petite Spanish teen just has so much energy. I always look forward to working with her.

We met in Prague in a really cool apartment. And once we’d settled in we didn’t waste any time getting started. We were all over each other immediately.

Of course, I grabbed the camera and started filming as Jimena Lago got to her knees and gave me an incredible blowjob while I sat on the sofa.

Next, I lay on the floor and she removed half her clothes and started to ride my cock hard. Her fitness level is so high. Jimena can bounce on my cock while squatting seemingly forever. I had to stop and change position because I was so close to coming.

We fucked like animals in lots of different positions and then at the end I had her ride me again so I could give her a creampie.

Later that day with Jimena Lago

We had a lazy afternoon watching Netflix in bed. Jimena Lago was wearing some super cute PJs and you know how it goes. . . We were very close together. There was gradually more contact, more hugs and more caresses.

And then the touches started to get more intimate and sexual. Before we knew it we were kissing passionately and it was time to turn the camera on fast.

Jimena started by giving me a blowjob as she slowly stripped out of her PJs. She jumps on top and we fuck like crazy until it’s time for her to drain all my cum with another blowjob.

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