A Hot day with the awesome Lilu Moon

Everyone I know in porn loves making videos with Lilu Moon. She’s beautiful, her body is perfect and she’s hypersexual. If you’re lucky enough to get into bed with her you will find it so easy to make her cum and be mesmerised by her intense whole-body orgasms.

Lilu Moon is everyone’s favourite pornstar. Sometimes everything comes together in this perfect way and you have to say yes, this girl was born to do porn.

Lilu is exactly like that. She has the looks, the sexuality, the openness and something more. She’s just a very kind person that gets along with everyone so easily. That last point really helps create amazing sexual energy in every video she makes.

I was lucky enough to spend another day making homemade porn videos with Lilu Moon and it was so good. We had so much fun.

in the first video, Lilu Moon was wearing some sexy black underwear and we started making out on the sofa. I sat down she got to her knees between my legs and began to give me a slow and sensual blowjob.

She can read my emotions so well and knows exactly what I like. She’s so good at building the intensity, she’s always careful to give my balls plenty of attention too.

We continue the blowjob in several different positions, mostly just to show off her amazing looks as much as possible. My favourite part is when she touches herself while she sucks my cock.

The video finishes with me cumming over her face and chest and Lilu Moon cleaning everything off my cock afterwards.

Sex with Lilu Moon

The second video picks up just after I’d cum. I was so horny looking at Lilu Moon totally naked and still wearing my cum. I didn’t even need to get hard again. I was still solid.

I pushed my cock deep inside her and we started to fuck hard right away. It was so intense for both of us.

I think we fucked in every position imaginable and Lilu sucked my cock from every camera angle and we used every piece of furniture.

Once we were both well and truly spent I came again, this time in her mouth and Lilu was only too happy to swallow.

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