Epic sex-tape with rare beauty Abella Danger

Abella Danger is one of the best currently active pornstars and my personal favourite. I was lucky enough to make some content in LA with her which is where we met.

Abella is one of those rare pornstars that gets mainstream success and becomes a genuine celebrity.

She’s modelled for Kanye West’s Yeezy brand, appeared in music videos and more.

When I met Abella Danger she was just inking an exclusive contract with Brazzers. I always find it a bit sad when a pornstar signs an exclusive contract with one company because their porn becomes a bit less diverse.

If you don’t like the porn that company produces then they’re as good as retired to you.

I must admit I’m usually slightly nervous when I shoot with the more famous models. Sometimes they come with a diva reputation or I’m just nervous to make sure everything goes smoothly as it’s much more difficult to arrange the shoot.

Thankfully I never had any problems with any of the bigger models. They’ve all been incredibly kind, funny and thoughtful.

It makes sense if you think about it. It’s hard to get successful and popular if you’re a total bitch!

And Abella Danger is definitely one of the nicest to work with. She has an open, lively personality. She’s stunning even before makeup.

Abella is very game to goof around and do things a bit out of the ordinary. I remember at one point we had her stood on her head eating strawberry Poptarts!

Sexually Abella Danger is enthusiastic, amazing to look at and exciting to be with. She seems to do the right thing every time. She knows how to use her personality and her body together to drive her partner and the viewers crazy at the same time.

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