Alluring Russian teen Alecia Fox’s sex video

I made this video the first time I met Alecia Fox. It was such a fun video to make, and Alecia is such a great person to be around. We made some porn and took photos in the morning, then spent the afternoon chatting and drinking tea. As an English guy, that’s a pretty much perfect day!

Alecia is quite different to how she appears in her porn videos. She has a very chilled hippy vibe.

She’s stunning, naturally beautiful, with an incredibly athletic body. If you’ve seen her performing with an aerial hoop, then you know why.

Alecia Fox is a lot of fun to hang out with. We laughed a lot taking photos for social media before we made this porn video.

Then when the porn started it was epic. You can see the naughtiness in her eyes. She’s so good at giving you or sometimes the camera a knowing glance.

Alecia Fox knows how to touch, she’s a passionate person. It looks and feels amazing as she gives me a sensual blowjob.

And returning that favour felt good too. Her pussy is perfect and I loved hearing her little moans and how her body reacted to what I was doing.

Next, we fucked in every position that felt right at that moment. It was a bit of a blur, but I remember how good it felt inside her.

To finish Alecia wanted to cum on her chest, and I was only too happy to comply with the request.

After the video, we hung out drinking tea and talking about her art, relationships, mutual friends and things like that. She’s a very creative person and so inspiring to talk to.

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