Alex Harper looks innocent but handles this huge dick like a pro

Alex Harper is a hot, flame-haired American pornstar. Like all my favourite porn models, she’s a contradiction. She has one of those always smiling angel faces and can look very elegant. And then when we see her in videos she can be super nasty.

With pale skin, dyed red hair and an innocent face, Alex Harper is exactly my type. So I instantly regretted not being the guy that gets to make videos with her, just like the video I filmed in Las Vegas with Rebel Lynn.

Luckily Rion King was available to help out and had a lot of fun with her. They hung out in Las Vegas casinos and, when they were ready, went to their hotel room and set the camera rolling.

Alex Harper porn

The camera is set on a table as Rion King and Alex Harper immediately start kissing and touching each other.

Rion is so excited to take her clothes off and feel her perfect body and soft skin. He has his clothes off quickly too, and Alex Harper is fast to her knees to have his giant cock in her mouth.

Her blowjob skills are impressive; she sensually massages his balls and makes lots of eye contact as she sucks his cock.

Soon she’s on the bed with her legs open so Rion can taste her pussy and get her super wet so she can accommodate his huge dick.

They get more comfortable and begin to fuck, slowly at first and then harder. Rion sometimes massaging her clit with his fingers. And Alex Harper wrapping her legs tight around him as she gets closer to orgasm.

They change position, and she cleans all her juices off his cock before getting fucked from behind. Alex Haper looks so good being penetrated from behind. She really has an incredible ass.

Alex Harper continues to fuck and suck passionately until Rion can take no more and cums inside her.

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