Wonderful teen Alexis Brill makes a homemade sex-tape

Alexis Brill was one of the first pornstars I met. She’s also one of the prettiest. Some days I have to feel lucky to do the job I do.

Alexis Brill is easily one of the most beautiful European pornstars in recent years. The first time I met her, she didn’t speak much English. Enough to get by but not enough to have a deep conversation.

She was adorable. It was easy to laugh and joke with her, and the girl never stopped smiling.

It’s easy to see why she was so popular with porn productions. When you’re around her, she’s pretty mesmerising.

Alexis Brill is a lot taller than I expected. If you ever meet some pornstars, the surprising thing is how short most of them are. Hot tall girls are quite rare in porn. It’s not like the fashion business.

Before we made this homemade porn video, we hung out and goofed around a lot. I seem to remember a game of strip-Twister.

Then came the sex. Alexis Brill is so good to be with. She’s great at teasing, and she’s very passionate and energetic.

After she unzipped me, we started with a blowjob. She maintained a lot of eye contact, which is something I love.

Of course, I returned the favour. In case you’re wondering, yes, she tastes amazing. She has a perfect pussy.

And not just the taste. Her pussy even looks perfect and it feels so good to be inside her.

I loved fucking her in every position we felt like. I don’t really like to plan anything. It’s best to do what feels right.

Fucking Alexis Brill was so good, it really wasn’t too long until I just had to cum. Which she was more than happy to help me with.

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