Amaris is a tall blonde pornstar with a huge personality

I met Amaris in Budapest after booking her via her agent. She’s a tall, blonde Russian girl with a huge personality. It was so much fun making porn with her that I invited her back the very next day to do more.

I wasn’t sure what to expect the first time I met Amaris. I booked through her agent, and none of my friends had met her yet as she was very new.

She rang my doorbell, came upstairs and then kind of exploded into my apartment. She was such a loud, confident girl!

But she never stopped smiling or joking, so Amaris is one of those people you instantly warm to.

She told me how she just arrived from Prague, where she’d only been shooting lesbian porn, so she couldn’t wait to fuck a guy.

Making porn with Amaris

Amaris really loves sex, and it shows in her videos. We had a lot of fun on and off camera that day.

We started with Amaris on her knees, expertly licking and sucking my cock and balls. I sat down to get more comfortable.

She continued to give me a blowjob while I got an amazing view of her perfect body. Her breasts are spectacular!

Then I put her legs over my shoulders, and we started to fuck. This day she was extra tight as it had been months since she had had sex. It felt so good inside her!

Amaris’s pussy is beautiful too. It’s just so neat and tidy. I had to taste her. She laid back while I figured out what she likes with my tongue and fingers.

After that, Amaris sucked my cock to make me had again before bending over so I could fuck her hard from behind.

We changed position again to one that makes Amaris cum every time. I find most girls have one position that’s guaranteed to make them cum. For Amaris, it’s to be on her back with her ass and hips raised about 4-5 inches in the air, so my dick hits the right spot.

Finally, it was my turn to cum. Amaris got back on her knees and used her hands and mouth until I came in her mouth.

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