Another awesome sex tape with hot Asian girl Katana

Katana is a really good friend. She’s a super hot Asian girl from Spain. We always have a good time when she visits me. She loves sex and it really shows in all her videos.

This is very much a homemade sex tape so so there’s no fancy introduction, no talking, no stripping. It doesn’t even start at the beginning of the action! The video starts when we said: “Hey, should we be filming this?”

So the camera starts with the camera by the side of the bed and me on my knees with my head between Katana’s legs gorging on her pussy.

She always tastes so good I could stay there forever! But at some point she demanded that I fuck her.

So I grabbed the camera, put her legs over my shoulders and started fucking her with all my passion.

It was super intense. Katana was very tight but also very wet so it felt incredible to be inside her.

I rolled her over so we could fuck even harder and deeper in doggy-style. We fucked as fast and hard as we could until I was breathless.

Then Katana got on top of me and gave me a blowjob, being careful to clean all her juices off my cock.

She has some pretty good skills. She can deep throat well and she knows how important it is to give the balls plenty of attention.

She kept sucking and sucking, always making lots of eye contact until I just had to cum in mouth.

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