Beautiful Layla Lane fucks and gets a facial

I said it so many times but I think Layla Lane is the hottest girl to appear on my site. She’s also the most sexual and we had mindblowing sexual chemistry. I could never get tired of making videos with her.

The video starts with Layla Lane giving me one of her trademark hungry blowjobs. Seriously, she always looks like she just can’t get enough. And it doesn’t just look good, it feels good too. The way she is constantly using her tongue is something special.

Layla loves to choke a little when she tries to deepthroat me and she’s always giving my balls lots of attention too.

I wanted to be just as giving so Layla Lane bent over in doggy style, and I licked her perfect pussy until she demanded I fuck her.

Entering Layla feels incredible. At the time, she hadn’t had sex for quite a while so she was extra tight.

We immediately fucked as passionately as we could, with Layla taking pauses to lick her juices off my cock. It’s so hot when girls like to do this.

Then she jumped on top and rode me like a woman possessed. Layla is very fit and athletic. She has so much energy so she can really just keep going and going. The only reason we changed position is I was getting too close already.

I took over to control the pace, and she wanted to suck my cock again. I took a moment to take in the view. Her face is just too pretty and it’s hard to believe how lucky I am sometimes.

Then she lay back and we fucked frantically again until I couldn’t take anymore and I painted her face with my cum.

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