Tasty Euro teen Candee Licious makes a sex video

The first time I met Candee licious was almost by accident. Another model cancelled our meeting as she was sick and Candee stepped in. It was good that she did because we went on to make some really hot videos together.

Candee Licious is a super cute Hungarian pornstar. In porn many of the most popular girls are petite. I think that’s because they make the guy’s dick look bigger. So at just five foot one and less than 100 pounds it’s easy to see why she’s is so popular.

Of course she’s more than just a micro pornstar. Candee Licious is known for her friendly, approachable personality. She’s another girl that just doesn’t stop smiling and never says a bad thing about anyone.

And every time I speak with her she comes across as an intelligent and enterprising young woman. Way smarter than most people her age.

Candee Licious porn

Making porn with Candee Licious was so easy. She’s eager to please and very open minded. There isn’t much she doesn’t enjoy. Certainly nothing I wanted to do with her.

We hung out and played some board games before we made this sex-tape. Candee started on the sofa by giving me a slow, sensual blowjob.

Candee Licious’s blowjob style is to suck quite hard. She definitely knows how to make you feel good.

As a petite girls she also has a very small mouth but it’s kind of amazing how much of me she can take in.

After enjoying her blowjob skills as much as I could without exploding, I had to be inside her.

We started in doggystyle on the sofa. I can tell you her pussy is very tight. It feels so good to fuck her.

Candee Licious then let me sit back and enjoy the view as she rode me while squatting. This is one of my favourite positions but I find most girls aren’t fit enough to do it for more than a minute.

Scene missing

Candee Licious wanted to try holding the camera and doing a little filming herself too. The problem is when I gave her the camera she accidentally hit the record button so we lost some of this sex-tape.

We moved to the bedroom and Candee removed the rest of her clothes. She has such a perfect golden tan which is something that goes so well with blonde hair.

We continued fucking in the bedroom until I couldn’t hold back anymore and just had to cum over her. And of course, that wasn’t the end of our day. There are more sex-videos. to come with Candee Licious.

More Candee Licious videos

If you love Candee Licious as much as I do then make sure you watch her other videos. Like the one were she gave me a foot job or when we had sex again after making this video.

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