Celina Smith’s OnlyFans is Amazing but disappointing

Celina Smith in her swimwear
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Celina Smith is a social media personality who’s famous for being the ex-girlfriend of YouTuber SteveWillDoIt. She’s built up a big following on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and OnlyFans. So let’s take a look at her OnlyFans.

I’m very new to Celina Smith. I stumbled upon her Instagram last week and immediately started drooling over the pics she has there. Celina Smith is a very on-trend California girl. Her style is chic and sexy. Her body is slim yet perfectly toned with huge boobs. And Celina has a beautiful face with a slightly innocent look.

Because I’m new to her, I think I’ve missed a lot of this story. She’s the ex-girlfriend of popular YouTuber SteveWillDoIt. Since they broke up, it looks like she’s become a lot less high profile. And some social media accounts have been deleted recently because she has a lot fewer followers than other articles claim.

Just 43 thousand followers on Instagram and 200 thousand on TikTok. Both of these accounts have very little content for us to enjoy, as she must be building them back up. Her YouTube channel is completely empty. I don’t know if she’s taking a break from social media, but I hope she starts posting more soon because this girl is breathtaking.

And until then, we have her OnlyFans. This is still being updated, and at least no one will delete that.

Celina Smith’s OnlyFans

I rate girls attractiveness based on how quickly I hit the subscribe button after seeing they have an OnlyFans. For Celina Smith, it was less than 30 seconds. I didn’t even read the description to see what’s on offer.

Celina Smith’s subscription price is $15 per month (plus VAT if you live in Europe). What do you get for that? Honestly, not much. Celina Smith joined OnlyFans in October 2019. She has made just 313 posts in almost two years, which breaks down as 601 photos and 28 videos. She’s really not very active.

Does it matter? If you love how she looks – which I do – then you’re not going to complain at 15 dollars for all that content. But personally, I would subscribe for one month then cancel unless you’re a huge fan.

The problem is that her content isn’t really anything different to what you can find on her free social media. She also doesn’t really say anything beyond describing her body or bikini. Her English is also really bad. It’s littered with mistakes and typos. It really feels like English is her second language.

When I subscribe to someone’s OnlyFans, I like to see them give us more. I like when we get an insight into their life and personality. It’s good if something is included in the subscription that is a little beyond what we can get for free on social media. For example, many other celebrity accounts will go topless, post more implied nudes, or offer a more intimate portrait into their lives.

I would guess that she’s probably making so much money from her OnlyFans that she doesn’t need to put much effort in with fan service. Or she is holding back too much to upsell as extras.

Extras on Celina Smith’s OnlyFans

Celina Smith has lots more OnlyFans content available for an extra fee. Expect to receive 1-2 messages with upsells per day. This is the content you really want. But is it what you dream of?

I bought a post titled “Laying on the ground naked, imagine walking into this\”. The problem is that in the photos, she’s not naked. Just topless. It’s not a problem for me. I am happy to pay for topless pics of girls I like. It’s just I hate when I feel duped by deliberately vague or misleading descriptions.

Celina Smith also says she replies to every DM she receives. So if you want to chat with her, then this is the place to do it.

I contacted her to ask how far she goes and what’s actually available as an extra. But she just gave a vague answer saying it will be “uncensored pics and videos.”

Should you subcribe?

Celina Smith is so unbelievably hot I think you pretty much have to subscribe. Just avoid buying her extras unless you want to be disappointed by misleading titles. In most cases, you won’t get what you are expecting. For more of Celina Smith, follow her OnlyFans, Twitter, Tiktok, Instagram or YouTube.

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