Attractive athlete Christen Courtney has sex in a gym

Christen Courtney is a Hungarian pornstar. She is also an athlete and sports one of the hardest bodies I know. Because of that, I thought it would be fun to make a porn video in the gym with her. Until this point, I’d always worked outside of the mainstream porn industry. This video was a bit of a shock for me; I was relatively innocent at the time.

I started in the porn industry by making homemade sex videos with a friend. We did pretty well out of it, but after a while, it felt like we needed to get different people in our videos to make them more interesting.

However, we still wanted to keep our homemade, real-sex feel. It took a surprisingly long time to realise that we could hire porn models to make videos with us.

Christen Courtney was one of the first that we worked with. She was also the first one we used a studio location for.

Normally we shoot porn videos in hotels and apartments to keep things feeling real and natural. But Christen Courtney is an athlete, and I’d spotted a gym location available on her agency’s website, so it sounded like something that could be fun.

So I arrived at the gym location before the shoot, and that’s when I realised my first mistake. It was disgusting.

The studio was full of old stained sofas that needed to be thrown away. The gym was covered in dirt and dust. Clearly, it had never been used for a very long time.

When you are new to any business, you make mistakes. I realised I was the only person stupid enough to book a location without seeing it first!

It really didn’t create a sexy mood for anyone to be in this location. I complained to the owner that it wasn’t clean and it was so funny. They sent me someone to clean it with a vacuum cleaner that didn’t work!

The poor guy did his best and somehow managed to clean the gym up enough so that we didn’t look dirty once Christen Courtney arrived.

But there were other problems. Christen Courtney arrived and looked so hot, as you can imagine. But she didn’t really speak great English at the time (later, I learned she was just shy).

It was the first time I’d had sex on camera with someone that doesn’t speak English. Something about it just made me feel a bit uneasy. It was difficult to explain what we want to do.

Then there was a problem with builders. A building site was next door. They were making so much noise it would probably ruin the video. And again, who feels next to a building site?

Sex with Christen Courtney

We goofed around a lot to break the ice really and get everyone in a good mood before we started. I really felt extremely out of my comfort zone. It was so different to filming in a nice, cosy bedroom.

I wasn’t sure if I would be ok. I started to worry if my dick would work today, which is the worst thing you can think of before making porn.

When we started, I was a bit nervous laying naked on a yoga mat as Christen Courtney began to suck my cock. I still had memories of how dirty this place was, plus now I could see builders taking a break to watch us through the window!

Then I looked at Christen Courtney and had this realisation of: wow, I’m getting paid to have sex with her!

My nerves went away, and I just got lost in the moment as we started to fuck in every position we could on the hard gym floor until I was ready to explode over her face.

Christen Courtney is still one of the hottest girls I’ve made videos with, so I’m glad I had this experience.

But this was the video that made me realise I’m happy to stay as an outsider in the porn industry. It gave me the confidence to keep doing things my own way.

I learned I would not be able to film porn the way others do in uncomfortable locations, lots of people around and often not in the cleanest locations. The guys that perform in mainstream porn are superheroes. The mental effort required to do their job is something I have immense respect for.

I decided I will be sticking to nice, intimate porn in comfortable locations in future.

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