Hannah Lopez fucks on the sofa

Hannah Lopez is just too hot. I love this tiny, curvy Latina girl. She has everything. Pretty face, huge boobs and fucks like a demon. You will definitely like this video.

I made this video when Hannah Lopez visited me for a weekend of non-stop indulgence. We had an amazing mix of eating, drinking, parties and sex. What could be better?

We made this video during the day. Hannah looked so hot with the midday sun shining through the window onto her golden skin. She gave me a wicked smile and it wasn’t long until I had my camera in hand and my pants unzipped as she started to give me the most incredible blowjob.

I love when she makes deep eye contact with the camera – or when she licks my balls. She always knows exactly how to make a guy feel good.

I really enjoyed the blowjob way too much. I was a bit selfish and just enjoyed it as she slowly took more and more clothes off, revealing those huge tiddies and perfect body.

Hannah Lopez took her leggings off and started to touch herself while I just drooled over how hot she looked. Then I came to my senses and started fucking her on the sofa as hard and fast as I can.

Hannah is a small girl and I can tell you she has a pussy to match. It feels so good inside her. It’s really hard not to cum fast! I was really struggling to contain myself.

I flipped her over into doggy style and fucked her really hard from behind. I love her juicy ass shaking as my body slams into hers.

It wasn’t long till I simply had to cum. Hannah Lopez was a good girl and drained all my cum into her mouth and swallowed.

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