Introducing Awesome teen Lili Charmelle

Lili Charmelle is a fairly new European pornstar from Hungary. We met in Budapest to hang out and make some homemade porn. Here’s everything we got up to!

Before porn Lili Charmelle wanted to be a fashion model but she was too short. Luckily porn came to her rescue and she says it’s a much better career anyway. She loves her job and wants everyone to see her videos.

I think she’s gonna get pretty popular. She has a really cute face, she’s always smiling and her body is unbelievably hot. Lili has long, slim legs, a tight round butt, flat belly and perfect breasts. With her sun-kissed olive complexion it’s hard to take your eyes off her.

We met at my apartment so we decided to make some porn right away. We started kissing on the bed. She’s a very passionate and warm girl. Full of energy and fire.

I also gave her a new sex toy I bought, a clitoral vibrator by Lelu. Guys, you should really get one of these for your girl. It doesn’t look like it does much but every girl I’ve given one too absolutely loves them.

Then of course Lili Charmelle and I fucked like rabbits in every position we could. Often she was using the sex toy at the same time and you can see she’s just having such a good experience.

Eventually it was time to cum and we finished with a creampie.

After the porn videos we went to the Museum of Illusions, a really cool place to take a date if you’re in Budapest

Lili Charmelle lunch

After the museum we were hungry and decided to go get some lunch at one of my favourite cafes

More Sex with Lili Charmelle

We had a really cool day. Lili Charmelle is just such a cool and pleasant girl to hang out with. Once we got back home we were a bit tired but also pretty horny.

My room was dark with the shades down and we decided to keep it that way and just turn the flash on.

We had such a great time. Lili is so good to fuck. She really loves sex and you can feel her energy and passion in everything she does.

I can’t wait to hang out with her more and make more videos.

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