Jimena Lago gets hot and wet as she fucks in the bathtub

I made this homemade porn video with Jimena Lago when I interrupted her bathtime. We had a long day filming videos and exploring Madrid together. I stepped into the bathroom and saw her naked in the water and we couldn’t resist another round.

I had such a good time in Madrid with Jimena Lago. Having a porn model as a tour guide when you visit foreign cities is definitely the way to go.

But it was pretty exhausting. We made a lot of porn and we walked a lot too. When we got back to our apartment we were so tired. I chilled with a coffee on the sofa and Jimena Lago went for a hot bath.

At one point I had to get something out of the bathroom and saw Jimena Lago in the bath. There’s something about water on a girls body that’s so seductive for me.

I couldn’t resist initiating sex for the millionth time that day. And Jimena Lago was keen for more too. My clothes were off in a flash and she started sucking my cock.

It didn’t take long to get hard and need to fuck her. I stepped into the bath, Jimena Lago bent over and i started to fuck her like crazy. Honestly, I was so impressed that I didn’t drop the camera in the drink.

We went through every bathroom sex position we could think of and eventually I had to cum. Jimena Lago rode me like a crazy girl until I exploded giving her a creampie.

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