Jimena Lago Makes Some More Super Hot Sex Tapes

Here are some super hot videos I made with Spanish teen pornstar Jimena Lago. We made both these videos on the same day. One in the morning and one at night so I put them in the same post.

We made these videos on a pretty crazy weekend. We spent the whole time eating and drinking our way around Budapest. It was freezing cold at the time so we just bounced from place to place spending as little time outside as we possibly could.

In the first video, Jimena Lago is wearing typical student clothes with a sexy twist. She’s wearing a red plaid dress with some black stockings underneath.

The video starts with Jimena dropping to her knees, unzipping me and giving me one of her incredible blowjobs. I got so horny I just had to be inside her so I lifted up her dress and started fucking her with all her clothes on.

We continued to fuck like crazy in different positions with Jimena Lago sometimes taking a little break to suck my cock some more. This girl has so much energy and likes sex really hard and fast.

The room was getting so hot with our body heat so her clothes came off and we fucked more and more until I couldn’t hold back any longer and filled her with my cum. It’s always a special day when it starts with a creampie.

Bedtime sex with Jimena Lago

We made the second video after a long day. We got back from the bar and it was time to sleep. The problem is Jimena Lago was wearing this cute, black nightgown.

She looked so hot it made me hard again. And despite being exhausted we decided to make another video.

The lighting was quite dark and sexy and Jimena looked incredible as she started to give me a blowjob. We had very passionate sex until I just couldn’t continue anymore. At the end of the video, Jimena Lago used her hands and mouth on me until I came over her face.

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