Jimena Lago wears something for stockings lovers

As you know, Jimena Lago is one of my favourite pornstars and people. There’s a reason I make so many videos with her. She’s so happy and so fun to be around. Plus, she oozes sex appeal. She’s so good to fuck. Especially when dressed in stockings and suspenders like she is in this video.

I made this video on a rainy weekend in Budapest. Jimena Lago was staying over, and we didn’t really feel like going out in the rain.

We braved the cafe downstairs to get breakfast then headed back upstairs to my apartment. We were a bit bored, so we started going through some of Jimena Lago’s “porn clothes”.

I saw some nice stockings and suspenders in her suitcase, so I asked her to model them. She looked so hot in wearing them we had to make a video.

This video led very quickly to another one. And then another one. The rain didn’t let up, and we ended up spending the whole weekend in bed.

Jimena Lago stockings porn

To start with, I lay back on the bed. Jimena Lago was wearing just her underwear, stockings and suspenders.

She got on top of me so I could feel her body rub against mine while she teased me with her hands. She ran her hands over my cock, teasing me through my underwear.

She slowly pulled my shorts down and began to lick and suck my cock. Very gently at first. Then stronger and stronger, making me harder and harder.

I love Jimena Lago’s blowjobs. She always keeps the sensation building. She always keeps things exciting and is constantly building the intensity.

At one point, we changed positions so I could take control and fuck her mouth. Her mouth is pretty small, but she did an excellent job fitting as much inside as possible.

Then I couldn’t take it. I needed to have her. I put her legs over my shoulders – feeling her stockinged legs rub against my neck – and fucked her as hard and deeply as I could.

I always have more energy and passion when a girl dresses up for sex, and these stockings really did it for me. We fucked like crazy until I flipped her over into doggy style so I could get even deeper and harder.

Jimena Lago has a perfectly round ass. It looked amazing as our bodies smacked together with each thrust.

Eventually, I was ready to cum. Jimena wanted to finish me in her mouth. I lay back, and she put my cock back in her mouth. She sucked me so well until I lost control and came over her mouth and hands.

This is just a fantastic way to spend a rainy weekend. Expect more videos from this weekend very soon.

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