Katana is a pretty Asian girl that loves sex

Katana is one of the best porn models to make videos with. She’s pretty, tall and slim, and if you like Asian girls, then you will love her as she has a Chinese background.

I make quite a lot of videos with Katana as you can see on this site. She’s one of the models I worked with that became a real friend. And that happened very quickly.

She’s just a very kind person. To give you an example, models often stay in my spare bedroom if they are visiting Budapest for work and Katana is one of the only ones that always brings a thoughtful little present.

In this video, we started on the Sofa with Katana giving me an amazing blowjob. I don’t remember why but for some reason she was already naked. Girls often seem to be naked at my place!

Then she got up and walked to the bedroom. I followed her quickly, knowing what she wants.

Katana lay on the bed and I could feel her pussy was already so wet. We just started fucking right away. She’s really so good to fuck. Her pussy feels incredible.

It was all a blur after that. We were both so full of passion and energy always trying our best to make each other feel good as we alternated between positions and activities.

It was exhausting in the very best way and soon I just needed to cum and katana was happy for me to cum on her face.

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I have some other porn videos with Katana on my site so make sure you watch them. And if you like Asian girls you will probably love Sophie Hara too.

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