This is what it’s like to sleep with Kira Queen

What’s it like to sleep with Kira Queen? It’s a thought that must have occurred to millions of her fans as they watch her videos. I got Kira to come over to my apartment and bring her actual sleepwear to make a homemade porn video and ask her about her bedroom habits.

Kira Queen doesn’t have a partner right now. She prefers to stay single and keep her sexual freedom.

If you’re lucky enough to spend the night with her, you will probably find her chilling in her silk pyjamas with no bra or panties. She always wears these and doesn’t like to sleep naked even if a man is with her.

Kira also likes to sleep in a mask to keep the light out as she doesn’t wake up til lunchtime. That’s not because she’s lazy but due to her spending time on webcam with fans most evenings.

Kira Queenis a peaceful person. She needs a quiet space to help her sleep so make sure you don’t snore!

And if you’re a cuddler you’re out of luck. When playtime ends and it’s time to rest Kira needs her space. She prefers a bigger bed if she’s sleeping with someone and even puts a pillow in the middle to stop any encroachment waking her up.

Kira takes her personal space so far that she even prefers to have two duvets if she’s sleeping with someone. This just sounds sensible; no one wants a midnight tussle for the blankets. But she doesn’t stop there, Kira suggests separate beds or even separate rooms are better for sleeping.

When it comes to sex, Kira Queen is definitely a night time person. She says it feels more special and more romantic in the evening.

Just don’t try to wake her up for sex, she says she will kill you!

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