Layla Lane gets fucked in the Jacuzzi

It’s time for another awesome video from so-hot-it-hurts Layla Lane. She’s a British girl I met that has only ever made porn videos with me. She did it more for fun. It’s a huge turn on for her to be watched. We made this video in a jacuzzi and it was so satisfying!

One of the sexiest and most sensual things a couple can do is have a bath or shower together. In this case we had just finished making another porn video and Layla was chilling in the jacuzzi.

We started to kiss, she’s the kind of girl that seems to be constantly horny and always needs more sex. And when I’m around her I just can’t help myself either. I said on every post about her how she’s the hottest girl I ever slept with!

So I fired up my camera and we picked things up from there. Layla Lane kissed very passionately. Almost like she’s trying to eat your face!

And she was straight down to my cock to give me an energetic blowjob, taking in as much as she can and expertly using her hands to my my head spin.

Having sex in this bathroom was really awkward but we did out best. She lifted herself up in the corner of the tub and I began to finger her. She was already so wet so I knew it was time to fuck her.

Layla turned around and I entered her from behind and we fucked as hard and deep as we could manage. It was tricky as I was also trying to keep my balance and not do something stupid like slip and drop my camera in the water.

We decided to get out the tub and Layla straddled me so she could bounce up and down on my cock. This is my favourite position ever. I love how deep it is. I love how tight her pussy feels like this.

But the bathroom was getting so hot from all the steam and our actions. So we decided to move to the bedroom the continue where it was a bit cooler.

I jumped on top of Layla and put her legs over my shoulders so I could fuck her as hard as possible. We got pretty savage and after a while it was too much for me. I exploded inside her and left her with a messy creampie. This fuck was just so satisfying.

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