Layla Lane has a Christmas present for you

Layla Lane is my all-time favourite model. Of all the pornstars and amateurs I made porn videos with, she’s the ones I find the hottest and always have the best sex with. So it makes sense that we should celebrate Christmas with some of her videos.

Inviting Layla Lane to Budapest for a few days was my porno Christmas gift to myself this year. It never feels like work around her. We hang out, talk a lot and fuck a lot. And then I post the videos for everyone else to enjoy too.

I picked up an ugly Christmas jumper and a cute headband for Layla Lane. Even wearing clothes this ridiculous she still looked super hot. She didn’t even get a chance to finish putting her clothes on when we started kissing on the sofa.

She could feel my getting hard through my pants so she worked her way down my body, teasing my cock before taking it out and beginning to suck.

Layla Lane’s blowjobs are something special. She really gets the perfect balance of sucking, licking, ball attention and eye contact. She sent me to heaven until she drained and swallowed all my cum.

After this, she was super horny and sat on the sofa and started touching herself like crazy while I watched. I had to take her to the bedroom to make another video so we could fuck.

Layla Lane’s 2nd video

After we moved to the bedroom I asked Layla Lane to continue touching herself while I held the camera. I wanted to see her cum alone before I joined in properly. If you’re like me then you love watching girls touch themselves.

But she could see how hard I was filming her and started to suck my cock again halfway through. And then took her clothes off to show off her perfect body and continue touching herself until she came.

Layla’s 3rd video

Having just watched Layla Lane touch herself and make me hard I just had to have her. First, she laid on the bed with her head hanging over the edge so I could fuck her mouth deep.

Then I put her legs over my shoulders and fucked her as hard and deep as I could while she never stopped touching herself. Layla Lane cums so fast and easily, especially if she touches herself at the same time.

We went on to fuck frantically in every position we could until we were both totally exhausted and it was time for me to cum. Layla Lane sucked and jerked my cock until I came on her beautiful face.

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