Layla Lane makes her first-ever lesbian video with Gina Gerson

Layla Lane is one of the most naturally beautiful girls I made videos with. She’s tall, perfectly toned and just so cool and open-minded. She’s brand new to porn, and this lesbian video with Gina Gerson was one of her first-ever videos. I’d say she’s a natural, wouldn’t you?

I met Layla Lane online, and we talked a lot about making some porn videos. It was a big fantasy for her. She said it’s a turn-on to think of people watching her videos while they touch themselves.

When I first met her via a Skype call, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I don’t know why but when a girl is extremely beautiful, I expect them to be less friendly. I should probably ask a psychologist if they can fix that for me because it’s not true at all.

And it’s definitely not true with Layla Lane. Even over a video call, she was straightforward to talk to. We talked about making porn together, and it wasn’t long before I picked her up at Budapest airport to get started.

Once Layla arrived, she was even hotter in person. Layla Lane is extremely stylish and stands out. I could see every guy looking at her.

As usual, when making videos with someone new to porn, I went very slowly. We mostly hung out in the city and ate nice food. It was freezing at the time, so we mostly kept to indoor places.

This was one of the first videos we made. And my good friend Gina Gerson was with me to help out.

Layla Lane’s lesbian porn

I was taking a shower and getting organised before we made some videos. But when I went into the bedroom, Gina Gerson had stolen my girl. They were both on the bed, half-naked and kissing passionately.

I was a bit gutted not to be the one on the bed with Layla, but I didn’t want to miss anything either, so I grabbed the camera and started recording.

Layla Lane and Gina Gerson both like girls a lot. You can really see it in this video. Their hands were all over each other. They didn’t stop kissing, nibbling and biting each other’s bodies.

There’s no hint of Layla being nervous on camera either. Once she’s into it, she is turned on so much and just wants to fuck.

Layla’s body is so sensitive that it’s effortless to make her cum. Gina Gerson manages it a couple of times with her mouth and fingers in a short space of time.

I was filming this the whole time, and even though the video is quite short, it felt like forever. I was hard all the way through, and it was so difficult to focus on filming.

Thankfully, towards the end, they noticed how desperate I was to get involved. They unzipped my pants, and you get a preview of the next video as they take turns to suck my cock and lick my balls.

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