Layla Lane’s first-ever sex tape is incredible

Layla Lane is easily the hottest girl I’ve had sex with period. She’s one of those real amateur girls with a fantasy to make some porn but doesn’t really want to make a career of it. I’m very lucky I got to make her only porn videos.

If you see Layla Lane in public she looks totally unapproachable. She has an amazing resting bitch face. She’s tall, beautiful, stylish and imposing. But if you speak to her then her face immediately breaks out in a big warm smile. She’s super kind, gentle and intelligent to talk to.

Layla Lane is a girl that likes to be watched. It’s a huge turn-on for her which is why she wanted to try making some porn videos with me.

I could really sense this when we filmed too. We made quite a few videos together and every time I picked up the camera I could see that look in her eye and I knew a mind-blowing experience was about to happen.

In the first video, it’s all about Layla Lane. We decided to make a video without me and see how she did. I simply pointed the camera at her and watched as she got lost touching herself in different positions, showing off to the camera and using one of her favourite sex toys.

For the second video, it was time to make some real homemade porn with me involved. It was her very first video so I expected her to be nervous. I’d say she was for about five seconds and then pure sexual energy took over.

Layla Lane’s first sex tape

She was sat on the bed in her underwear. Then came towards me and kissed me so passionately I knew all the nerves were gone.

From there we just had the most incredible time. Our hands and mouths were constantly exploring each other’s bodies. She took my cock in her mouth and gave me the most amazing wet and sloppy blowjob, remembering to give lots of attention to my balls and nearly deepthroating me completely.

Then I wanted to fuck her so much. I needed to be inside her. But she pulled her panties to the side and started to touch herself. Layla Lane’s pussy is perfect. Genuinely beautiful. I just had to taste her first.

Her pussy is so sensitive. It’s easy to figure out what she likes. She’s very responsive and gives amazing physical and verbal feedback.

And then it was time to fuck her. I buried my cock deep inside her pussy. She was so wet but so tight. It had been a while since she had sex.

We fucked passionately until I couldn’t take it anymore. Layla lane put my cock back in her mouth and drained every last drop of cum from me

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