Lenina Crowne uses a sex toy and fucks in this video

I love making videos with my good friend Lenina Crowne. Who doesn’t love a hot redhead with huge boobs? And when they’re as fun and kind to hang out with as Lenina, it’s even better.

In this video we started on the with Lenina Crowne’s pretty face looking up at me smiling before she pulled down my pants and took my hard cock into her mouth.

She’s someone that gives very enthusiastic blowjobs. They feel so good and it’s such a turn on whenever she makes eye contact.

Then Lenina put on a little bit of a show and teased me. She hitched her dress up to reveal her pussy – she wasn’t wearing any underwear – then took out her favourite sex toy and started to play without me.

It was really hard to resist her while she touched herself so I had to stand on the sofa so she could continue to suck my cock while she pleasured herself with the toy.

Next I put Lenina Crowne’s legs in the air and pushed my cock deep inside her. I fucked her as hard and fast as I possibly could. I was just so excited.

Then I lay down and Lenina lowered herself onto my cock with her amazing ass facing me. I took in the view while she bounced up and down.

Finally Lenina Crowne faced me and continued to bounce up and down as she squatted over me. This position always makes me cum so fast. it’s so tight and deep. And it wasn’t long until I exploded and gave her a creampie.

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