Lilu Moon gets freaky under the sheets

Lilu Moon is a petite Russian pornstar known for her youthful appearance. But don’t be fooled by her innocent looks. She’s one of the most intensely sexual people I know. She’s open to everything, totally uninhibited and when she cums it’s this explosive whole body experience that makes you feel like a superhero. Seriously, you have to see this girl when she has an orgasm. It’s amazing just to see.

The first time I met Lilu Moon was when I went to a strip club with my friend Gina Gerson. Lilu went with us and my eyes were on her all night, not on the strippers.

Lilu Moon is one of those super chilled and open-minded young Russian girls that seems to live for sex and adventure.

I had to wait for a very long time to meet and make some porn videos with her. Lilu is always super popular and busy. But when I finally did it was totally worth it.

She quickly became a good friend and one of my favourite people in porn. Not just because she is so damn hot to fuck, though that’s a big one!

Lilu Moon porn

We started on my bed with Lilu Moon teasing me through my shorts. She instinctively knows exactly how I liked to be touched and when she started to gently use her hands and mouth on my cock I was in heaven.

Lilu slowly removed her clothes, giving me lots of attention the entire time. Sometimes she continued to suck my cock and sometimes she gave my balls lots of attention.

I just had to return the favour. I lay her on her back and began licking, sucking and teasing her clit like crazy. Lilu is a girl that gives you lots of vocal feedback so it’s so easy to figure out how she likes her pussy to be licked.

Finally, we started to fuck like crazy. Lilu Moon’s pussy is so tight and feels just incredible. I couldn’t get enough. We were fucking like animals and then sadly the video had a bit of a strange ending.

Lilu Moon had a super intense orgasm and the force of it pushed my cock out of her pussy and my next thrust went straight into her fingernail!

I was too injured to continue this one sadly. But I edited out anything gross and what’s left is still a pretty awesome video with Lilu cumming hard at the end. I can’t wait to make more videos with Lilu.

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