Lilu Moon uses her new sex toy while she fucks

It’s hard to believe Lilu Moon is a MILF. She’s actually one of the only girls on my site that’s older than me. She looks simply stunning regardless of her age. And she’s amazing to fuck, which is why I’ve made so many videos with her. In this one I bought her a new sex toy to play with while we had sex.

I’ve said so many times how much I love making porn videos with Lilu Moon. She’s so hot with her perfect body and cute face. And the special thing about her is her sexuality.

She’s one of the most sexual people I ever met. She needs a lot of sex, it’s so easy to make her cum and she has these crazy intense full body orgasms that seem to last forever. She’s wild.

For this video I bought her a new sex toy – cause that’s what a girl like her needs, something to make things even more intense when she’s fucking!

If you never used sex toys during sex, I highly recommend them. I know some guys don’t like to use them as they think if they do it’s like saying you’re not enough.

But that’s not true. It’s just something that can add to sex and give you something a bit extra and different. She’s going to appreciate it and let’s face it, if you don’t use them with her, another guy will!

The toy I got her was a clitoral stimulator. They’re insanely intense and they don’t look like a dick so it might be something good to get if you’re a beginner.

We started on the bed with Lilu Moon teasing me and giving me one of her incredibly giving blowjobs. She really knows how to make me feel special.

Then she tried out her new toy and gave me a show before we fucked like crazy in every position we could manage until I exploded over her face and mouth.

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