Marica Hase’s amateur sex video

Marica Hase is one of the only Japanese pornstars to work in Western porn. She’s an awesomely cute MILF and one of the cutest, nicest people I’ve met in the business. Marica lives in America but I really wanted to work with her so I flew her to Europe to make some porn.

I always wanted to make porn with one of the Japanese porn models. I contacted so many and never got anywhere. I even tried to arrange a time to go to Japan to shoot. But I couldn’t find a way of shooting with the popular models.

But I knew about Marica Hase. She had an unconventional agent that liked to do things differently to the rest of the Japanese porn industry and she ended up in the American porn industry.

I got in touch with her and arranged a trip to Budapest for her. It was awesome!

Marica Hase is exactly how you imagine her. When we met she gave me a big hug and was full of energy and enthusiasm for everything, specially anything cute!

When we got to my place I showed her my cats and she fell in love with them. Never saw anyone so happy. Marica loves cats too so we became good friends quite quickly.

I got to make several videos with Marica. This first one is with my friend Dean Van Damme. I gave them the camera and left them to have fun.

It starts with them kissing on the sofa, and then it gets really hot as Marica Hase gets to her knees to please Dean and show him all her blowjob skills.

They fuck all over the living room in every position you can imagine and it’s amazing to see tiny Marica Hase handling such a big cock.

The video ends with Marica looking very pleased to receive a messy facial.

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