Mary Kalisy is a super hot Russian pornstar

Mary Kalisy is one of my favourite pornstars. The reason is simple, that body! She dedicates most of her time to fitness and nutrition. She has amazing curves and her body is hard. There’s not a bit of fat on her. I made this video in Budapest when Mary Kalisy was at my apartment. I was showing her how to play Mario Kart. She didn’t really like it so we found something more fun to do.

Mary Kalisy looks almost too good. Normally when you meet girls in real life they look a little different to their photos. But Mary Kalisy looks like she’s been photoshopped in real life.

Her face is beautiful and flawless. And her body is something I’ve never seen before. She has an incredibly strict diet of fish and vegetables. She doesn’t drink or take any drugs. And she’s a yoga fanatic.

There is not one ounce of fat on Mary Kalisy’s body. Even her ass is pert and made of solid muscle. This is exactly why I love working in porn. I get to fuck girls like this that I don’t even see in real life!

We actually started out just playing Mario Kart on my Nintendo Switch, which was quite surreal. Then at some point, we were all over each other. We got so carried away I nearly forgot to record so the video picks up with Mary Kalisy with no makeup on, naked on the sofa giving me a blowjob.

Even with no makeup, she’s still very naturally beautiful. Watching her taking my cock into her mouth turned me on so much I just had to be inside her.

I bent her over on the sofa and started to fuck her hard from behind. Her ass looked so perfect and her skin so golden in the dusk sunlight.

We fucked all over the living room until I needed to come. I lay on my back while she sucked my cock until I came. Lots of videos with Mary Kalisy coming soon.

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