Megan Guthrie aka Megnutt’s OnlyFans is epic

Megnutt from OnlyFans
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Megan Guthrie – also know as Megnutt – is a TikTok star that exploded thanks to her infectious personality and funny dance moves. OK. Maybe her looks had something to do with it too. She’s a natural beauty. She turned 18 a few months ago and created an OnlyFans before she even blew out her candles. So I joined Megnutt’s OnlyFans to see if it’s any good.

Megnutt is an LA-based internet personality. She has a large following on Instagram and Twitter, but on TikTok she’s truly huge. She made a name for herself with her funny videos. Megnutt has bags of personality and a super-expressive face. She can turn even the most mundane things or average lip-synchs into essential viewing. It’s easy to forget time and get lost swiping through her videos.

Like many of the most popular TikTik accounts, Megnutt is stunning to look at. She has a spectacular face and a fit body with a pert ass and naturally busty chest. It’s so rare to find a girl this hot.

Megnutt is down to earth and relatable, but for sure, she knows she’s hot. She knows exactly what she’s doing in her videos. She knows how to dance and pose to show off her perfect butt. She’s often wearing tops so tight her boobs are barely contained.

Megnutt might be the internet’s biggest tease. It won’t take much swiping before you imagine all sorts of crazy things you’d like to do with her. Thankfully, after turning 18, Megnutt made an OnlyFans.

Megnutt’s OnlyFans

At $12 per month (plus VAT in the EU), Megnutt’s OnlyFans is not the cheapest you will find. It’s about the same price as a high-end magazine.

With many celebrity OnlyFans accounts you tend to find misleading information that encourages you to subscribe. They trade on OnlyFans’ dirty reputation and imply you’re going to be seeing something pornographic when in fact, they don’t show much at all.

That’s not the case with Megnutt’s OnlyFans and I appreciate it so much. She’s unequivocal in her bio that topless is as far as she will go, and even that is only available as extras on top of the subscription.

So is the subscription worth it alone? I’d say it is. Megnutt puts real effort into the pics and videos that appear on her feed. She offers something more than what’s available on her Instagram and TikTok.

On Megnutt’s OnlyFans feed, you will find glamorous, well-made videos up to implied nude level. That means you get to see a lot of skin. She takes you right up to the point where you almost see a nipple or something more.

I already said in this review that she’s an expert at teasing, and without the ridiculous restrictions placed on creators by social media companies, Megnutt really gets to show off every asset she has. You will find yourself loading her profile several times a day hoping she made another post.

On Megnut’s OnlyFans feed you will find 87 posts which contain 20 videos and 102 photos. That means she only posts a bit more than once per week, which in my opinion is not enough.

It would be better if there were more fan service on her OnlyFans. It would be better if she shared more details of her life, let us in a little more and posts more photos and videos. Even if they’re not as polished as the high quality mix of pro and selfies content she has available right now.

But this is nitpicking. Megnutt is clear about whats available and if you’re a fan then you’re not gonna have any regrets.

Extras on Megnutt’s OnlyFans

Most OnlyFans models have extras available. My constant complaint with celebrities is they can be so misleading. Not so with Megnutt. Her descriptions and previews tell you exactly what you are paying for.

She held those awesome titties back only for her most enthusiastic fans. And I can tell you they’re amazing!

You will have the chance to see her topless whenever she sends a direct message for you to unlock. My only criticism is these are quite pricy. The ones I bought were $17 and $21 very well-made topless videos that were 33 and 65 seconds long, respectively.

I don’t know about you but I definitely prefer my fap material to be a little longer than that. I’d barely unbuttoned my jeans and it was over!

That said, Megnutt is a hugely popular star with over 8 million followers. She could charge a lot more money for topless pics and videos than this. And there would still be many people willing to pay. So I’m gonna be happy that it’s still affordable and I get to see her boobies.

There is no chat or sexting available with Megnutt. That’s just not something she offers even if you tip. In her direct messages, she also mentioned a megapack which I assume contains all her topless photos. I asked her how much it is to purchase and what else is available but I received no reply.

Should you subscribe?

Megnutt is one of the hottest girls on the planet, and her OnlyFans is one of my personal favourites. I have no hesitation recommending Megnutt’s OnlyFans for everyone. It’s a rare treat to see nudes from a girl this hot and this wholesome. I’ll be surprised if anyone gets to the bottom of this review before they subscribe.

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