A pornstar tells me what it’s like to escort for Premier League footballers

What’s it like to escort for Premier League footballers? Shona River joined my co-host Dan Leal (aka Porno Dan, CEO of Immoral Productions) and I on the How To Be A Pornstar podcast to find out. The episode was all about pornstars that escort. Make sure you check the links at the bottom of the article to listen or watch the full podcast.

In the podcast, we had a long conversation about various aspects of escorting for pornstars. She told us how people in the porn industry often look down on the girls that escort, and we heard some funny stories from her work.

Shona said that it’s usually the case that guys that pay less money expect more and are more demanding – and so as a high-end escort, her work is more relaxed and more about companionship.

She blew us away with stories of client generosity. Her guys routinely buy her jewellery, flowers and luxury clothes on top of her escort fees.

But we learned there is an exception to this. . . celebrities. We laughed so much as Shona told us how famous people expect her to sleep with them for free.

Shona told us about a famous Premier League player she was seeing: “you would assume that would be the best client ever. But it’s actually not.”says Shona.

“Just because they have a lot of money, it doesn’t mean they want to be generous. They expect you to be with them because they are famous.”

“But they don’t want to actually date you. They want you as a side chick in the shadows. He thinks it’s so good for me that I can fuck him. And that I should do it in my free time because it’s so good for me.”

Footballer took back €200

Shona went on to reveal how the footballer had booked her for three days. But when she got home and counted her money, 200 euros were missing.

Shona asked the footballer where the money was, and he said: “sorry, I ordered pizza for my friends, and I took it because I didn’t have any other money.”

We were shocked a Premier League footballer could be so greedy. So we asked which team he plays for and fell about laughing when Shona said he plays for Manchester United. The richest football club in the world where the average salary is over £6 million per year!

And the story got better. Shona River also revealed how she also had two other Manchester United players as clients, which made us think that players must be recommending girls to each other.

Shona thinks it was a power move by the footballer to take back the money to get some control. She said, “It was probably hurting his ego that he was paying me.”

What we really want to know is if Manchester United’s results improve or decline when their footballers see escorts? I feel this could be an exciting new area or sports science.

I can almost see a day when it’s common for clubs to employ a team escort, as it seems Manchester United almost have one already!

It was a hilarious conversation, and it’s definitely worth listening to or watching the full podcast. You can listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube or search your usual podcast app.

If you are thinking about booking an escort make sure you read my escort booking guide first. It will save you a lot of embarrassment and you will have a lot more fun.

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