Striking Asian teen Sophie Hara’s first-ever homemade porn video

Sophie Hara is a special girl and this is a very special video. It’s the very first homemade porn video I made with this stunning Asian teen. She was nervous and unsure of herself but she really enjoyed the experience and we made lots more.

It’s always such a privilege to make a model’s first porn video. A lot of girls talk to me about doing porn but the majority never go through with it for various reasons. Many even drop out at the last minute so you never really know if it will happen until the camera starts rolling.

Sophie Hara was definitely nervous to make her first homemade porn video but it was more because it was new and she didn’t know what she had to do.

She likes being on camera. She likes the attention and she’s super open-minded and loves sex.

When I film a new girl everything happens very slowly so they can go at their own pace. We spent more time exploring Budapest and eating delicious food than we did having sex. But once she was ready to make videos it was awesome.

Just look at her. Sophie Hara is pretty much perfect. She’s a tall Asian beauty with a Japanese and Chinese background.

Sophie Hara’s first porn video

We started the video with a blowjob. Sophie unzipped me and quickly took my cock deep in her mouth. At first, she was a bit gentle but as the nerves went away she really started to get into it.

It felt so good and it was a dream to watch such a hot girl looking up at me as she sucked my cock.

I enthusiastically returned the favour. Sophie Hara lay back on the bed while I tasted her. Make sure you check out my guide to eating pussy if you want some amazing tips on this.

Now we just had to fuck. I was so hungry to be inside of her. I got on top and pushed my cock deep inside her. We started fucking passionately from the get-go. Her pussy feels incredible and she looks so beautiful with constant eye contact while we fucked.

Next Sophie Hara got on top and rode my cock exactly how she liked before we switched into doggy and we fucked as hard as we could until I was ready to cum.

I laid back on the bed while she used her hands and mouth until I couldn’t take it anymore and exploded. She looked so pleased with herself when she made me cum.

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