Tifa Lockhart porn video by pornstar Valentina Nappi

Making some Tifa Lockhart porn with Valentina Nappi was a dream come true for me. Valentina is one of my favourite pornstars and Tifa is from one of the greatest games ever. I think you’re gonna like this.

I met Valentina Nappi quite a few times. She’s easily the most famous European pornstar and one of the most famous worldwide.

If you’re not familiar with her she’s from the south of Italy where the girls tend to be ridiculously hot and curvy. They also tend to be more conservative with sex there.

Valentina’s mission in life seems to be to help Italian girls be sluttier and be totally shameless about it. It’s a mission I support one hundred per cent.

The last time Valentina Nappi visited me in Budapest we decided to do something a bit different to my usual homemade sex tapes. We decided to do some porn with Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy VII. And we did it as a bored and ignored video as she tried to play this classic video game at the same time as she had sex.

Valentina Nappi is pretty big on Twitch where you can find her playing video games most evenings. So if you like to see her gaming then make sure you check her out there.

Tifa Lockhart porn

As soon as I saw Valentina Nappi cosplaying Tifa from Final Fantasy VII I immediately regretted not being the guy in this video. Valentina looks incredibly anyway but making porn as Tifa Lockhart she’s something extra.

She started playing the game and my friend Kai began trying to distract her. He was kissing her and touching her while she tried to focus on the game.

She takes it very seriously and does an incredible job to keep playing while she’s been fucked hard by a pretty big cock.

What do you think about this type of porn video? Would you like to see more of them?

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