Tiny teen Stefanie Moon touches herself on my bed

I met Stefanie Moon via my good friend Gina Gerson. We decided to make some videos together and I didn’t regret that at all. She’s another one of these girls that looks tiny and meek but turns into a sexual demon between the sheets. In this video, I just filmed her while she touched herself on my bed. But we did much more than this too which I will post next.

There first time I met Stefanie Moon I was so shocked. She looks so sweet and innocent. I would say way too innocent for porn.

Then I Googled her and let’s just say she’s not innocent at all. This girl is 100 per cent pure sex. She really likes to get nasty.

She’s a kind person too. Very easy going but with lots of good energy and she’s fun to hang out with.

This was our first video together and I felt like recording a solo video where she slowly strips for the camera and gets herself off.

She was sitting on the bed looking adorable in some cute shorts and a white t-shirt. I was getting hornier and hornier as she took her clothes off to reveal her tight feminine body.

And when she started touching herself it took all my effort not to jump on the bed and join in. But somehow I managed to wait until she made herself come. But in the second Stefanie Moon porn video, I got to have my fun.

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If you love hot petite teends like Stefanie Moon then you will love her friend Gina Gerson too.

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