You will love Candee Licious in this homemade sex video

Candee Licious is a cute blonde Hungarian pornstar. This is the second sex video we made of the day. Make sure you see her first porn video if you didn’t already..

When we made this, we were both already pretty exhausted from the first video a little earlier.

We were chilling in the bathroom, cleaning ourselves, sometimes cleaning each other and goofing around. But Candee Licious is so pretty. It was impossible not to get hard again.

We jumped back onto the bed quickly, where she began to give me a very sloppy blowjob.

After that, she teased the head of my cock against the entrance to her pussy before pushing it all the way in.

She rode me for some time, using my cock however she wanted while she touched her clit.

I got to sit back and enjoy the view of Candee Licious’s perfect body and perky breasts. Eventually, we switched to doggy-style and fucked like crazy till I flipped her onto her back.

We continued to fuck, and sometimes she liked to hold the camera. Candee Licious really loved watching herself on the screen while we had sex. I know she likes watching her own porn too.

For me, it was such a turn on watching how much she enjoyed watching us. I could see the screen too. It was a bit like being a voyeur on your own sex life.

We started to get a bit tired and switched to spooning to save some energy. Even running low on energy I couldn’t stop fucking this girl.

And it wasn’t too long until I needed to cum again, being careful not to cum inside her, of course.

After these first two videos, we actually became pretty good friends. She’s an adorable girl. Candee Licious is very family orientated, kind and intelligent.

She was always good company to be around. It’s a shame she’s not in the porn business anymore.

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